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Our Brides are Unique

They think outside the box​

An Idea is Born

Any bride that knows exactly what she wants and is sure of that may sometimes experience a difficult time at a bridal salon.  Do not fault yourself because they can not determine your uniqueness.  With the Rose Collection our brides never have to settle for what's on the rack because they are someone else's ideas of a bridal gown and you do not have to settle for that.

We will suit your needs

During your wedding preparation deciding on a bridal gown should be the least of your worries.  We will design your bridal gown custom to your specific measurements.  We will even customize your dream gown within your budget.

Ordering A Custom Bridal Gown

Step 1

Provide us with a sketch, a picture or a description of the gown you want us to create.  Be very detailed and specific in your description.  Scan, email or fax it over to us.  Tell us your budget.  If you agree to have us create your gown we will create a contract.  Payment will be expected in full at the time you place your order. 

Step 2

We suggest that you have a professional seamtress take specific measurements as your gown will be made to them exactly. We recommend that you wear the actual  foundation garments and shoes that you will wear with the gown when measurements are taken for more accuracy.  However even with exact measurements sometimes alterations are still needed.  This occurs because certain foundation garments may alter the fit.  If you live in our geographic area then you may get in-person fittings, however this convenience is not always available to many of our brides.  Therefore, your  alternations may have to be done locally.

Step 3

Once your gown is completed you will be sent pictures of the gown.  This is when you may request additional work or alterations.  If you are satisfied with your gown it will be sent to you.  We want you to be completely satisfied so if you need additional work after you have received the gown  we request that you have alterations done locally.  If you live within traveling distance of us we will be happy to make reasonable alterations at no additional cost.  We do not want your gown to be damaged or lost in transit, therefore it will always be insured for face value upon shipment.

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